Umango 23 Delivers Powerful AI Solutions

Umango announces the release of version 23 and introduces AI technology to the masses.

Umango's foray into the world of Artificial Intelligence is announced along with the release of Umango version 23. The much-anticipated release is the culmination of years of experience, customer feedback, and the introduction of modern AI technologies and data capture and processing techniques.

Building on its powerful feature set, version 23 provides next-level abilities to effortlessly capture information from documents in ways that almost appear like "black magic". AI has been added to many areas across the product, including natural language-based smart seek, regex building, capture and even a delightfully helpful "AskAI" feature. In addition, Umango's new AI-driven automatic field identification technology has provided an effortless way to capture large amounts of standard metadata across semi-structured and structured documents.

Another important part of the Umango 23 announcement includes deep support for Accounts Payable invoice processing. Where Umango had limited support for line item extraction in previous releases, invoice job types now automatically identify and capture every imaginable area of invoice metadata including line item-related information. The seamless and easy-to-use method of invoice job creation has to be seen to be believed.

"Having spent the last few months introducing Umango 23 to our distribution channel, I know this will be a huge success for everyone - our dealers, our users and of course the team here at Umango."

Andrew WadePresident of Global Sales and co-founder

Along with this release are changes in the Umango licensing model and the addition of a new "Elite" tier. Although Umango 23 is available on a subscription basis, existing users can make the move with their existing perpetual license.

"We are very pleased with the early feedback we have received on this very exciting software release. Everyone has worked very hard to make this a real 'Wow!' feature set and it appears we have delivered."

Quentin GribbleCEO and co-founder

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