Department for Correctional Services

Government Department

The Challenge:
To cut document handling times down by one sixth of previous levels

The Department for Correctional Services have been using an expensive Microfiche system, a micro-reproduction of documents for storage, reading, and printing, which was proving extremely expensive and archaic to use.

"The production of Microfilm is expensive and very time consuming to use. We had numerous boxes of files that had not been archived and our current system was proving too labour intensive to continue using."

Linda NeighbourManager - Records, Correctional Services

The Department subsequently started searching for an inexpensive, time efficient scanning solution that could effectively manage the abundance of highly sensitive documentation that needed to be scanned into its system.

The Solution

The Department's goal is to transition from a labour intensive paper based operation to a modern, technologically advanced, electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) that can scan and file records securely and efficiently. The scanning of the archive records is a first step towards this.

Konica Minolta recommended the department upgrade to a new bizhub C284 multifunction device and installed the latest Umango solution, a professional batch scanning software solution which allows customers to watch folders import images directly into a batch, create fields on multiple pages within documents, export index data to other databases and more.

"This solution automatically creates a file name with specific search requirements and stores the files on a network drive, allowing the department to scan files faster while quickly checking for any scanning discrepancies."

"We have confidence in the simplicity of the workflow and have already demonstrated and recommended this solution to another government area."

Julianne BuckleyAccount Manager, Konica Minolta

The software automates the scanning, naming, indexing and storing of files using the latest Umango Smart Seek technology, which can quickly locate any file based on predefined text and data for lightning fast search and retrieval.

The bizhub C284 has also been designed with usability in mind, for quick and easy operation that requires minimal training. This was one of the main benefits the team at the Department for Correctional Services recognised.

The Result

The solution has paid for itself within 12 months, improving the Department for Correctional Services efficiency and increasing the accessibility of information across all regional areas.

"Although we still have a back log of records I cannot imagine what state we would be in if we had not implemented this solution. The software is easy to configure and use which makes it easy to teach new staff how to use the system"

Linda NeighbourManager - Records, Correctional Services

A recent time trial proved that work which previously would have taken 9 hours, took only 90 minutes.

Note: The Umango solution was sold previously under the product name i2 Scan and i2 Conversion Server