Fleetwood RV

Manufacturer of RV Motorhomes

The Challenge:
To reduce the amount of hard copies of paperwork that would be archived

When Kiara recently joined Fleetwood RV to work as an office assistant she knew that there would be a heap of paperwork involved with the position.

In the business of selling motorhomes means that Fleetwood RV often customize designs for their customers. Each single van has a range of paperwork such as layouts, designs, contracts and emails that goes with it. Normally this amount of paperwork would mean hours spent at the copier or more importantly at the filing cabinet. Fleetwood were not only looking for a solution to cut down on the boxes of paperwork that would have to be stored but to also make the daily workday of staff such as Kiara a whole lot easier. They were looking for a solution that was fast and electronically able to scan quickly, and as an environmentally aware company, an option that meant they could also recycle the hard copies.

Kiara's role with Fleetwood RV involves multi-tasking so she couldn't be wasting a large portion of her day standing at the copier or scanner.

"It's so easy for me to set up a job using the batch function and walk away from the machine to get on with doing all of my other tasks."

"I can't believe how easy the software is to use. I'd never used anything like I2's software before. I literally had half an hour of training and since then, and because I've found it so easy and not daunting to experiment with the settings, I've been able to teach myself to use it further."

KiaraFleetwood RV

Kiara says that the Umango software has meant she can be more efficient with her time and not stay long after everyone else has gone home completing her work like she had to do at other organizations.

Note: The Umango solution was sold previously under the product name i2 Scan and i2 Conversion Server