Hartway Galvanizers

Specialist large project galvanizing plant

The Challenge:
To provide easy access to documents for all staff

Hartway Galvanizers had been using another software company for their scanning and batch sorting needs but were continually experiencing issues.

They looked for another company that could solve this issue as well as reduce the file size of documents that were being scanned.

Tracey said that Umango were able to quickly adapt the software to fit their needs and the response time has always been quick, friendly and helpful.

"This new software from Umango makes accessibility to our documentation easy and saves time for everyone in the office."

Customer service from Umango is excellent - any issues are addressed very quickly and guidance to rectify any issues is easy and straight-forward."

"We are definitely going to keep using Umango."

TraceyHartway Galvanizers Naval Base

Note: The Umango solution was sold previously under the product name i2 Scan and i2 Conversion Server