Police Licensing Services

Licensing Services (Firearms)

The Challenge:
To scan a large amount of documents over a short-time frame

Crystal from the Police Licensing Services Department is adamant that the implementation of Umango into the department she works in has saved them thousands of dollars in needing an additional staff member and at least three hours of work everyday.

Using the scanning software to store a large amount of returned survey information has meant that the department has been able to work through a large amount of data rather than needing numerous staff to manually input the information.

"We are dealing with hundreds of responses every day and Umango has not only made it easy to input this information but we can save time doing so. We've also got the ability now to separate, batch and categorize the information which we couldn't do easily prior to having the software."

"It only took about half an hour of training for us to learn how to use the software. It really is that easy to use."

CrystalPolice Licensing Services

Note: The Umango solution was sold previously under the product name i2 Scan and i2 Conversion Server