Police Infringement Management

Infringement Management and Operations

The Challenge:
To implement a system that simplified the processing of infringements

Deon had been with the Infringement Management and Operations Department of WA Police for more than 13 years and during this time has seen his fair share of systems that have been introduced in an attempt to simply the processing of infringements. But, as he happily explains, nothing has come close to solving the problem like Umango's solutions.

"The software from Umango we are using saves us numerous processing hours each day. We process anywhere between 600 to 1200 documents each day that can be up to 12 pages long. The software has dramatically cut the processing time, the physical space we previously needed to store those documents and of course the number of staff needed to process them. Our customer service has also improved ten-fold."

DeonPolice Infringement Management

Previously, all the paperwork was hard copy only and files would have to be manually pulled out of the filing system to be able to be processed. The structure of the organization was entirely different.

Umango scans directly into the system, processing according to type and linking all documents with the same file number. For Deon and his team the software has become his 'one-stop shop' for processing.

"The software is very simple to use and being able to program it ourselves is really important. That reduces wait time and means we can get on with the job without needing IT to do it for us."

"The team at Umango presented the options to us on what we could achieve with the software and made the transition of implementing the software so easy. There is no doubt we will stay with Umango. The team at Umango are always available to answer any questions at a moments notice and because we work to daily deadlines that's vital for our department."

"We've been so impressed with the software we have already recommended it to two other departments."

DeonPolice Infringement Management

Note: The Umango solution was sold previously under the product name i2 Scan and i2 Conversion Server