Umango works with a growing number of technology companies to provide a seamless scanning onramp into their solutions. If you are a technology companyand believe the Umango products could provide added value to your solutions then we would be interested in talking further with you. We have an SDK for you to work with or we can develop a connector to form part of our standard connector set.

Some of the products Umango currently connects to are listed below


FileBound Document and Work Management Solutions


XPLAN Wealth Management Software


Alfresco is the open platform for business document management

Microsoft SharePoint/SharePoint365

SharePoint is a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft

Organise IT

Easy to use electronic document management system

HP Records Manager

HP Records Manager (AKA TRIM, RM8 and CM9) is an electronic document and records management system

Lexis Affinity

Legal practice management system

In addition, extracted data can be exported to various formats and locations using the following connectors. Collectively, these options provide connectivity into virtually any and every backoffice system.

CSV Data File

Comma Separated Values (CSV) formated data file
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XML Data File

Extensible Markup Language (XML) formated data file
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ODBC Connected

Open Database Connectivity
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Image Only

Create and name your documents and place them in nested folder structures based on extracted data

Export Scripts

Pass extracted data into scripts, manipulate the data and complete complex, custom tasks. Scripts and an extremely flexibile connectivity alternative.

FTP Upload

Upload files and data to servers connected anywhere in the world using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
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Email named documents via a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMPT) server
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