Umango user interface examples

Umango is a batch scanning application that delivers speed and efficiency in scanning, naming, indexing and storing of documents.

Documents can be scanned from supported multifunction devices or scanners, or imported from network folders. Data can be extracted and profiled at supported multifunction devices or at a desktop PC. Once captured, the data and document can be routed into a range of office products.

Using data extraction tools such as zonal OMR, zonal OCR, barcodes, keywords and lasso OCR, documents are quickly indexed, named and stored ready for future retrieval. Umango can create a directory tree based on document index values and export in numerous formats including TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or text searchable PDF/A.

If you have a database or document management system Umango can export the document indexing data directly or you may wish to export to one of our standard connectors or export methods.

Umango Product Tiers

The application has been specifically designed to be easy to deploy and use across virtually any document scanner or multi function device.

Umango boasts an impressive feature list to deliver flexibility and broad functionality for even the most unusual requirements.

Feature List

Feature Description

  • Scalable number of document sources
  • Scalable volume throughput capacity
  • Unlimited scans (no page count or volume limitation)
  • Effortless connectivity to supported MFDs
  • Embedded app available for supported copiers (MFDs)
  • Run processing as a background Windows service
  • AD and LDAP integration
  • Import XML metadata
  • Import email attachments
  • Import office file formats
  • Import from any source assigned browser
  • Import from any browser
  • Document separator sheets (scan many documents at once)
  • Watch folders for new files
  • Batch coversheets (capture data to apply to batch's documents)
  • Capture from MFD, web browser or tablet
  • TWAIN scanner support (dedicated document scanners)
  • Validate or enter data directly on the MFD panel
  • Scalable number of processors to increase document volume throughout
  • Option for fully automated processing (no user intervention)
  • Capture data using optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Perform ODBC data lookups and meta data retrieval
  • Search, browse and select data from backend systems
  • Extract information using regular expressions or Smart Seek
  • Read barcode values (1D and 2D)
  • Automatically or manually capture data during document processing
  • Auto document cleanups and filters (e.g. delete blank pages)
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR - detect ink in a checkbox etc.)
  • Process on a copier panel, in a web browser or on a tablet
  • Run custom scripts to enable unlimited flexibility
  • Use auto document recognition (ADR) to detect document types
  • Convert to xlsx, docx, rtf, odt, html and more
  • Output to PDF/A and text searchable PDF/A
  • Export to network share
  • Browse export destination options during document profiling
  • Export to essential export destinations
  • Export to a wide range of extended export destinations
  • Flexible connectivity using ODBC, scripts or Umango's SDK
  • Unlimited number of export destination per workflow